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Call for Volunteers
Published on: 10/21/2019
This news item is to identify the opportunities to volunteer in the Club
Joe Beechie - Doubles Snake Tournament Winners
Published on: 9/9/2019
Joe Beechie Sep 7, 2019
2019 Tournament Winners Announced!
Published on: 9/4/2019
winners of 2019 tournaments
Joe Beechie - Doubles Snake Tournament - September 7, 2019
Published on: 9/3/2019
Schedule for Joe Beechie doubles snake tournament.
NEW Schedule for Final Matches
Published on: 8/30/2019
Finals to be played on Sunday September 1st
BICC Open 2019
Published on: 6/10/2019
Another successful BICC Open International Tournament was held June 6-9.
Block Play - First Round Schedules
Published on: 5/27/2019
2019 First Round Block Play
Published on: 5/27/2019
Season Opener Winners!
Published on: 5/20/2019
Congratulations to Terry Lazaravitch and Gary Lloyd-Rees on winning the very first 2019 Doubles AC Event!
Published on: 5/8/2019
Tournaments coming for 2019 season
Wine & Wickets
Published on: 3/22/2019
How Croquet is growing in the USA
BICC Dominates Soups On Contest
Published on: 2/17/2019
Soups On is an annual Family Day Weekend competition between local restaurants and community groups to raise funds for the Bayfield Town Hall. There are four awards - a Judges Choice and a Peoples Choice for both the restaurants and the community groups.
Spring Newsletter Describes Exciting 2019 Lineup
Published on: 2/3/2019
The Spring Newsletter issued by Tournament Chair Rob McCrea.
Congrats to Joe Beechie Winners
Published on: 10/5/2018
The annual, 1 day Joe Beechie partners golf tournament was held on Saturday September 8 2018. The format was an A Group and B group. Partners for the day. Players played 4 - 50 min games throughout the day. The weather was sunny and a little cold. At the end of play for the day, everyone enjoyed social time and laughs.
Winners of the A Group: Leigh Selk and Peter Jeffers
Winners of the B Group: Andrew Widdis and Karen Dalton
See you next year!
BICC Open 2018
Published on: 8/22/2018
Competitors aand results of the 2018 BICC Open
BICC Members Play in Portugal!
Published on: 4/14/2018
BICC members love to play when travelling! Recently BICC members Pat & Gayle Waters, Leigh & Jerry Selk, Bill & Jane Rowat, Toni Kemp, Richard Wright, Dave & Jane MacLaren stayed at the beautiful Belaroma Croquet Club in Portugal.
Leigh Selk reports: The club has about 50 plus members. The members are mostly Brits, one Portuguese, a few Brazilians and Scandinavians.They play exclusively golf Croquet. There are two courts with a third going in at present.

A tournament was set up for us. Great fun. All day doubles golf Croquet. Team Canada included ten BICC players and some Brits and we played the visiting Germans with others nationalities to make our opponent team. Jerry and I made it to the finals, losing by one point to the hot shot visiting German pair. They truly shot like Egyptians. Other days we had the courts to ourselves and played Association."

The tournament was reported in the local Portugese newspaper - see the story h
Team Canada and our own Bill Rowat made us proud indeed!
Published on: 2/11/2018
Word Croquet Federation 2017 World Croquet Series in Southwick, England July 17 - 22
2017 Derek Robinson Award
Published on: 12/28/2017
Congratulations to Bill Carradine, the 2017 winner of the Derek Robinson Award.
The purpose of the Award is to recognize the Croquet Canada member who, during a particular year, contributed most to the growth and development of croquet in Canada.