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2017 Derek Robinson Award

Published on 12/28/2017
During this year, Bill once again took his duties as a Director of Croquet Canada seriously. His sage advice in Board of Director deliberations was always forthcoming, especially in finance matters.
Bill’s major contribution this year was the initiation and implementation of a croquet referee program. Something that has been long overdue for Croquet Canada.
Extensive negotiations with USCA refereeing instructors fell through due to scheduling difficulties.
Undaunted, Bill went further afield. He hit pay-dirt when Ian Vincent, a Croquet Examining Referee with the English Croquet Association agreed to take time out from a Canadian vacation to instruct, test and certify candidates in both Golf Croquet and Association Croquet rules.
After extensive planning, negotiation and management, Bill arranged off and on-court venues, out of town billeting and socializing for Ian and the candidates in Bayfield, Ontario.
The benefit to croquet in Canada is nine individuals holding six more golf croquet referee credentials and six association croquet referee credentials.
The offers to share a dram of the “Traditional Bottle of Scotch” went beyond the members present at the AGM, well into proxies!