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Croquet Canada

Rob McCrea | Published on 5/19/2020
What is Croquet Canada?
By Rob McCrea

Croquet Canada is the national body that oversees croquet in Canada. Croquet Canada started May 1987 (see attached publication). The original objects of the organization were to regulate the sport of croquet in Canada, however as croquet rules became standardized and universally adopted, the primary role of Croquet Canada has become one of promoting the sport. In its role of overseeing and promoting croquet, our national body:
• provides guidelines and sanctions Canadian tournaments,
• offers equipment loans, rule books and mentoring to start-up croquet clubs,
• promotes The Mallet, a news journal dedicated to croquet in Canada, • communicates to its members and the public through its website,
• recognizes achievements in the croquet community with awards, • maintains relationships with other national croquet associations, • selects players to represent Canada in international competitions, 
• provides resources and guidance to its member clubs on croquet issues and
• provides insurance to its members. 

There are eight board members representing croquet clubs from across the country.  
2019-2020 Board of Directors & Committees Officers & Directors:  
Jim Wright: President  
Chris Loat: Treasurer  
Robert Owen: Corporate Secretary 
Directors  Andrew de Courcy-Ireland:
Eastern Canada Representative 
Pierre Dunn: Western Canada Representative 
Gregg Hannah 
Robert McCrea 
John Richardson

Standing Committees:
Communications Committee Jim Wright: Chair  Pierre Dunn  Gregg Hannah   John Richardson Finance Committee  Chris Loat: Chair  Andrew de Courcy-Ireland
Nominating and Governance Committee  Robert McCrea: Chair  Robert Owen
Selection Committee  John Richardson - Chair  Gregg Hannah Robert McCrea 

BICC has been well represented on the board in the past. Bill Caradine, Bill Rowat, Cal Scotchmer and David Druiett have all served on the board or on committees. 

Croquet players are encouraged to visit the Croquet Canada website at and to contribute stories and photographs to The Mallet newsletter. 

Here is that original The Mallet newsletter! 
The Mallet