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Profile: Adriaan Schreuder

Arlene Parker | Published on 7/21/2021

BICC is lucky to have Adriaan Schreuder working with the Club. He performs many duties such as cutting, rolling, verticutting, top dressing, fertilizing and monitoring our courts. In addition, he helps to set hoops and programs the sprinkler system. We are are thankful for Adriaan's meticulous attention to detail, passion for the Club and the fact that he agreed to generously share his personal story with us.

Adriaan grew up in the Netherlands. He developed an interest in radio and tv repair at the young age of 8 years old and learned motorcycle and auto restoration from his father. It is no surprise that he decided to attend technical school and became a Radio Engineer. 

He joined The Royal Dutch Airlines (KLM) and while working there, attended night school studying electronics and computer technology becoming a MTS Engineer. Adriaan had a long career at KLM in the calibration department that maintained test equipment for KLM and 26 other businesses. He travelled extensively, troubleshooting communications issues at various airfields and earned the position of the department's Team Supervisor.

Adriaan's passion for vehicles continued throughout his life. He rebuilt a 1959 Volvo 544; drove a Triumph Tiger 900 motorcycle and purchased a houseboat that came with a sailboat. Clearly Adriaan is a master with engines!

Adriaan met his Canadian wife Joan on a visit to Canada to attend his daughter's high school graduation. Joan moved to the Netherlands, learned to speak Dutch; and then following Adriaan's retirement they decided to move to Canada. Joan and Adriaan arrived in Bayfield in 2010.

Adriaan has multiple talents and interests. He became a member of the Bayfield River Valley Trail Association and the Photography Club of Bayfield. He has many hobbies including cycling and playing the horn - he was the Hornist in the KLM harmony for 25 years! I have played winter badminton with Adriaan and Joan - they are positive, enthusiastic participants who are both very athletic with enviable natural abilities. While volunteering with the Trails Association Roger Lewington asked Adriaan if he would be interested in maintaining the courts at BICC. Adriaan agreed and the members have been the beneficiaries of Adriaan's expertise, mechanical skills and passion for BICC ever since. 

Adriaan related that he enjoys speaking with Members and appreciates their friendly approach. So please, take the time to greet Adriaan and thank him for the work he does for us the next time you see him at the courts. 

Cheers, Arlene