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New Croquet Learning Site

Arlene Parker | Published on 1/31/2021
Hello Everyone - I spent some time surfing croquet info yesterday and stumbled across this excellent site developed by Paddy Chapman. Paddy describes himself as follows: 

"I've been playing association croquet since 1999. I'm a CA-accredited Level 3 coach, meaning I am authorised to coach on all aspects of croquet, from beginner to very advanced topics. As a player I have had some success, winning the World Championship, NZ Open Championship and British Open Championship, plus the MacRobertson Shield with New Zealand."

I discovered that Paddy has a You Tube channel and a Facebook page. There are many expert croquet sites, including Oxford Croquet which is probably the most comprehensive resource there is. However, Oxford Croquet is quite text-heavy and takes some time to dig out the info. 

Paddy's site at is easy to navigate and very visual. There are many animations to demonstrate various plays like openings, leaves, breaks (2,3 and 4 ball) as well as the ability to demonstrate on a virtual court. 

I think this is a great tool from beginner and up - go have a look!

I must say I really like Chris Clarke's You Tube channel as well - he demonstrates shots and tactics in a very straight forward way. 

What sources do you use to get where you want to go with croquet?

Cheers, Arlene