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Welcome to Bayfield International Croquet Club

Our 2018 BICC Tournament Winners!

Spring Golf Tournament

The Big Winner Tom May, and other winners Gayle Detenback, Gayle Waters and Terry Lazaravich

More pics in the Spring Golf photo album.
Play Croquet: Live Strong!
Croquet is a game of skill that can be as fun or as competitive as you want to make it.

The sport of croquet has been described as a combination of billiards, curling and chess. Men and women play together on equal terms. 

At the Bayfield International Croquet Club (BICC) the serene environment also contains the most competitive lawns in Canada.

BICC offers social and recreational opportunities where members can have fun and learn to love croquet. 

Contact Us  to come out and try and game! We love to play!

Check this out:

BICC offers Golf Croquet and Association Croquet. Some members of the Bayfield International Croquet Club are qualified international referees. Members of the Club have competed elsewhere in Ontario, in the USA and England. Croquet is a world wide sport - you can find a club and set up a game almost anywhere!

The season kicks off on Victoria Day Weekend with a one day tournament that pairs an experienced player with a new player.
A reception is held afterward to celebrate the beginning of the new season and to promote the social aspects of the Club.
Social Events are held every Thursday that includes 2 hours of play and finishes with a party hosted by members for members. 

Recreational play includes Tuesday, Friday and Sunday games for fun and learning.
Annual tournaments are geared toward beginner players, intermediate players and expert players.

The tournaments are season long events to accommodate seasonal residents. You can play whenever your schedule permits!
One of the goals of the Club is to promote the sport of croquet .... and to have fun. 

Seasoned players generously share their expertise by offering free lessons and mentoring to learning members.

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Upcoming Events
Upcoming Events

Congratulations to Bill Rowat, 2018 CroCan AC Champion!