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  Bayfield International
                   Croquet Club

2018 Bayfield Open

Bayfield Open, June 7 To 10, 2018 (4 days)
Association rules, 20 players in 2 flights. Seaforth & Bayfield courts.

10 of the 20 places flagged for BICC players - go to first 10 (paid) applicants.

Players fee $180 includes breakfasts, lunches, dinners, beverages. Guests $60.

Etransfer or cheque to BICC treasurer – Nick Howell [email protected]

Place confirmed upon payment.
For registration contact: Tournament Director,  Bill Rowat, [email protected]

A few of our 2017 champions!  

Thursday Golf and Garden Parties

Weather permitting, Gordon Fraser and Dorothy Griffith will host a bring your own nibble and beverage at their home 11 Ducharme Crescent.

Sunday Weekend Wind Down 

Sundays beginning June 25th 3 p.m. followed by a social time at the courts.  Both full and social members welcome. 

Team Canada, and our own Bill Rowat made us proud indeed!

Team Canada brought home the Silver Plate from the World Croquet Federation's week-long 2017 World Croquet Series in Southwick, England on July 17 - 22. Team Canada members were Brian Cumming (Elora), Nick Mitchell (Elora), Jim Wright (Toronto) and Bill Rowat (Bayfield). The century old Southwick club, with eleven courts, was ideal to host the 9 participating countries.

Canada secured a position in its division finals by sweeping a four-day qualifying round - winning 33 of its 40 matches and defeating all other countries head-to-head in these trials. Sweden, a distant second with a qualifying record of only 24 wins out of 40 matches, was the other country to make the finals.

The final two days of play-off matches between Canada and Sweden were going in Canada's favour but could not be completed because of torrential rains on the second day. In accordance with an arcane World Croquet Federation regulation on weather related cancellations, the tournament director declared the Canadian and Swedish teams tied for first place in the tournament - but gave the Silver Plate to Canada to take home.

Founders Cup

Congratulations to our winners - John Erb and Cal Scotchmer, as well as to our runners up Brian Carrier and Bill Carradine. They persevered through 5 hours of torrential rain, biting flies,  and fluctuating temperatures.  We are proud of all of you.  

Third Court Committee

They made it happen!  Many thanks to chairperson Roger Lewington, Terry Lazaravitch, Dave MacLaren, Richard Wright, and Lou Schenk.  And heartfelt thanks to Terry and his lovely  wife Helen who spent countless hours on the end of a shovel and pulling weeds!