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Welcome to Bayfield International Croquet Club

Welcome to BICC!

BICC Members - you probably know that the Premier announced 'Stage 1' opening yesterday. Great news for BICC!    

Our courts can open at 12:01 Tuesday May 19th.

Please assess whether you feel that going out to play is right for you at this time. 

The Health & Safety Protocol will be posted at the shed along with fact sheets prepared by the Ontario government. Please review the procedures
for cleaning and disinfecting. We really need to depend on each other to minimize our impacts. 

Sign in for contact tracing. Singles play only - 2 people per court. Please be courteous in limiting your play to about 2 hours so everyone can participate
- especially on weekends. Members only please.

Finally, Rob and the Tournament Committee are going to discuss putting together block play for the season
assuming we can maintain Stage 1 and progress to Stage 2 and on. However, due to the 5 person gathering rule
there won't be any tournaments until this restriction is lifted. 

See you at the Club!


For the Club protocol for playing while under pandemic measures:  Covid-19 Protocol


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