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The tournaments below are one-day or multi-day events. These tournaments range from a season opener to learn the game, to fun-filled days with social time following the games to the premier Association Croquet (AC) event in Canada. 

The tournaments are singles or doubles (partners). Each tournament has a small fee to contribute to tournament and club costs. Four tournaments are open to both Full and Social members and two are Full members only. 
There are 2 draws/rounds - players have about 6 weeks to complete the games in each round. The games are singles and are arranged between the players for a date and time that is convenient for them. Ultimately, it is the responsibility of the player listed first in the draw to contact their opponents.
In the first draw, all players play on an equal basis. Players are then sorted into a Championship block or an "A" Flight block based on the first draw results. Full members may participate. There is no fee for these tournaments.

1 day Doubles AC (Bill Tillman Cup) 2018 Winners List
This Association Croquet tournament is the season opener. This one day event pairs an experienced player with a newer player. It's a doubles, 14 point, alternate shot format with 45 min. timed games. Bisque. Sign up individually and with the Tournament Director, Rob McCrea will pair everyone up. Limit 24 players. Open to Full & Social members. Fee $15
Association Croquet - Singles (Bayfield Cup) 2018 Winners List
Bayfield Cup 2019 First Round

on-bisque, 26 pt, advanced rules of play.
No time limit.
Tournament Director Arlene Parker.
2 blocks followed by semi-finals and finals.

Multi-day singles AC Open to International Entrants (BICC Open):  
2018 Winners List 
This singles 26 point Association Croquet tournament has become the premier event in Canada and is sanctioned by Croquet Canada. This multi-day event is played in Bayfield and Seaforth. Championship and "A" flights.  Fee $225.00 Non-players are welcome to participate in the social events for $60 Tournament Director Bill Rowat. See more details on the event calendar. 
Association Croquet - Singles - 2 hr. Time Limit: (Tom Colls Cup)
2018 Winners List
Tom Colls 2019 First Round 

Non-bisque, 26 pt. advanced rules of play. 
2 hr. time limit. 
Tournament Director Pat Waters.
2 blocks followed by semi-finals and finals.

Spring Golf 1 day doubles : 
Winners List
This Golf Croquet tournament is a one day event open to Full & Social members. Limit 36 players. 3 - time limited games throughout the day followed by social time at the Club. Sign up individually and the Tournament Director Jerry Selk will pair you up. Fee $15

Association Croquet- Singles - Bisque - 90 min. Time Limit (George Cantrick Cup): 2018 Winners List
George Cantrick 2019 90 Min HC First Round
Bisque - handicap assigned by Tournament Committee - shown on block play sheets.
14 pt. 90 min. time limit.
Tournament Director Deb Moulton.
2 blocks followed by finals.

Multi-day doubles AC (Founders Cup): 2018 Winners List 
This non-bisque event is a multi-day tournament. Sign up as a team. Limit 12 teams. The Tournament Director is Rob McCrea. Open to Full members. Fee $100. Non-playing partners may attend the Friday night cocktail party for $35.

Golf Croquet - Singles (Hugh Gregory Cup): 2018 Winners List
2019 Hugh Gregory Golf Croquet 19 pt First Round

19 pt. - 10 pts wins the game.
No time limit.
Tournament Director Jerry Selk.
2 blocks followed by finals.

1 day singles (Joe Beechie):  
2018 Winners List  
This one-day tournament is open to Full & Social members. 3 - time limited games throughout the day followed by social time at the Club. Tournament Director Arlene Parker. Limit 36 players. Fee $15.

 Multi week doubles AC (Fall Classic): This is your last opportunity to play in a tournament in the year! This is about a 6 week doubles, bisque tournament. The Tournament Director is Pat Waters. Open to Full & Social members. Fee $15.