Bayfield International Croquet Club

  Bayfield International
                   Croquet Club

About Us

  • Bayfield boasts the largest croquet club in Canada, with a membership of approximately 110 players of all ages.

  • We play both Golf Croquet - an easily learned social game, and Oxford Association Croquet - a more highly skilled, strategic and  competitive game.

  • We provide new players with both lessons and mentors.

  • We enjoy ongoing social events as well as tournaments throughout the summer.

  • We are very excited about hosting our first Croquet Canada sanctioned tournament in June.

New Members

New members  are  always welcome, and quickly become new friends!



Compared to other sports, membership in our club is a bargain.  A one time only initiation fee of $150 per person, and an annual fee  of $270 per full member  will give you unlimited playing time with no greens fees.  Not sure if you will like the game?  Try a one time, one  month membership for $100.


To discuss possibly joining the club,  call Toni Kemp at (519) 565-5904, Richard Wright (519) 565-5551, Dave MacLaren (519) 565-5480 or  Mary-Beth Larone at (519) 565-4280